rancatore’s cakes

come in two different sizes; the 6”, which best serves six to eight people and the 9”, which best serves twelve to sixteen people. All cakes can be made with any two available flavors of ice cream, a fudge or butterscotch layer, and a crushed hydrox or vienna finger cookie base. We ask that you provide our staff with a minimum of two days to prepare your cake. Too late? Call one of the stores and see if we have any assembled cakes available for immediate pick-up.

how to order:

1. Decide which size cake will best fit your event, and at which ranc’s location it will be easiest to pick up your cake.

2. Using the phone numbers found at the top of this page, call the specific store and talk with a representative that can help walk you through the order process, or fill out and print a cake order using our online order form found here and drop it off at the desired ranc’s location.

3. Pick up & pay for the cake at the specified location & time

custom homemade
ice cream cakes are available for purchase at both ranc’s locations.
want one?
just follow the steps to the left.
Ranc's employee making a cake