We did our best to address
some of the most frequently
asked questions and concerns of ranc’s customers.

When was rancatore’s founded?

Joe Rancatore founded the Belmont Ranc’s in November of 1985. The Lexington store was opened in August of 2004.

Where is your ice cream made?

All our ice cream is home made in a small batch freezer at our factory behind our Lexington store.

Do you cater private events?

Yes, Rancatore’s is available for a variety of private events ranging from fifty person parties to four hundred person gatherings. We can also cater to smaller parties by providing the ice cream, fudge and all the fixings to go and make your party rock. Contact either of our stores for more information.

Are you related to Toscanini’s?

Yes, Gus Rancatore, owner of Toscanini’s, is owner Joe Rancatore’s older brother by four years. Joe worked at Toscanini’s from 1981 to 1985.

a cup of ranc's mango sorbet
a ranc's employee serving ice cream in lexington

How many flavors can I get in a small?

You can have two flavors in a small, one in a micro, three in a medium, and four in a large sized cup or cone.

What is the fat & sugar content of your ice cream, yogurt and sorbet?

All of our ice cream is made with a 14% butter fat base, provided by H.P. Hood. The yogurt is 2% butter fat, with three active yogurt cultures which are made in Vermont. The sorbet has no fat and is dairy free.

Rancatore’s has a philosophy of no sugar added to its products except for a few flavors where the addition of sugar is necessary for texture.